Lord of the Flies discussion - character analysis. In small groups, find physical and personality traits for Ralph, Jack, Piggy, and Simon. Tomorrow, weather permitting, we will be outside. Homework: Chapter 2


Analysis of characters in Lord of the Flies. Students wrote a short paragraph response about why Jack did not kill the pig at the end of chapter 1

08-24-17 - Back to School Night

Welcome to English II. The purpose of this class is to prepare students for English III or American Studies. We will read Lord of the Flies and Julius Caesar first semester, and The Glass Castle and Fahrenheit 451 second semester.

In the left hand column, I will post documents the students will need for class. On the main page, I will detail what we have been working on for students who may not be here, or who need a reminder. You can find calendars for reading assignments here as well.


Welcome to English II. Check back here for more info soon.