Choose a product, and research the brand. Answer the following questions in google classroom (Available Tuesday, 8-29):

Media Influence Slideshow


Today we started looking at corporate influence of what we purchase by seeing the reach that one company, Unilever, has in the marketplace.

We looked at the following videos:


We discussed how We are influenced by videos we see. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME

The King of Random matchless fire
Random person repeating the experiment.
10 Daredevil stunts gone wrong from WatchMojo.

We will start looking at the reach corporations have with their product lines. Please look at home for the brands of a couple of products you use and be prepared to research them in class.

08-24-17 - Back to School Night

Welcome to Media Lit. This year we will be examining the different facets of the media and their impact on society. These topics include social media, news media, advertisements, music, and film. There will be a permission slip coming home for some of the films we will be watching. The nature of this class is that we will study controvercial and conflicting beliefs. My expectation is that students will be respectful of others in the classroom, while forming opinions of ideas that will foster conversation.


Welcome to Media Lit. Check back here for more info soon.